If you’ve shopped at the market lately, you’ve likely noticed the new blackboard wall and counter space. Feel free to add your thoughts and questions to the wall and spend some time eating, drinking, or just hanging out at the counter.

As for the shelving, it’s not new. What is new, however, is the Book, Media, and Toy trade sections of the shelving along with the Member Information area. Feel free to bring your own books, media, and toys and take what you want. There’s also a container for comment cards in case you would like to see any other changes or additions to our co-op.

We’ve moved the information from the display case outside to the bulletin board inside. Keep an eye on this space for meeting announcements and other important member owner information.

Email info@communitymarket.org if you’d like to have something posted on the member owner bulletin board. As always, please comment here, via email, or in the comments box on one of the shelves if you have suggestions on how we can make more improvements.